Hard times for The Miz

The great George Constanza once said, “it’s not a lie, if you believe it.”

In short, that’s called conviction. It’s something wrestling has had on and off in varying degrees since the dawn of time. But it’s also something wrestling has kind of gotten soft on in recent years.

Pro wrestling is one part acting, and one part stunt show. These days it often feels like one out of two ain’t too bad, but ideally, we want both, right? We’re getting lots of really good in-ring work these days but the conviction can be lacking…but then we get this…

That’s how it’s done, my friends.

A shoot? A work? Both? It doesn’t matter because we’re engaged and hanging on every word The Miz spits out. The last time I had this feeling was CM Punk’s 2011 pipe bomb…and before that, uhhh…I don’t remember…probably when WCW was falling apart and a disgruntled wrestler came out to bash the product on live TV…or Dusty…

But anyway…

You can keep your broken brothers, deletions and dilapidated boats…give me conviction and I’ll buy it everytime. Not only does it bring me into a story better than anything else, I appreciate the skill it takes to do it. It’s easy to laugh at wrestling when it comes off as simple, “I’m better than you, let me prove it,” type of stuff (or when a riding lawn mower is involved)…but this…this was different.

This was Miz’s “Hard Times” and it’s long overdue, both for him and us. It’s sad that “classic wrestling” now qualifies as something different but that’s how it goes.

The Miz is one of the best all-around performers they have on the roster. His wrestling is solid (even though I hate his finisher), his mic work is stellar and his characters always hit the mark. He’s underrated for sure. The only other person I can think of right now that does it as well – even better – is Kevin Owens. But many people would probably laugh in my face if I told them Owens and Miz were in the same league. Too bad. They are. And if they weren’t before, they are now, thanks to this promo.

Amidst all the brand splitting, NXT call-ups, colorful belts and unfortunate injuries, we’ve all gotten lost in the business of wrestling rather than the art of wrestling itself. I’m as guilty as you are…and we’re not going to stop but I’m so happy that something has come along and brought us back down to reality…the reality of wrestling.

Thank you, Miz.

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