Demons, Gaijins, and Crazy Fans: Ain’t Wrestling Grand?

Between G1, the upcoming Summer Slam, and the brand split my head is filled with thoughts of wrestling. Here’s the quick and dirty on what’s been occupying my mind.

Finn Balor  I’m worried. I prefer my men to wait a little while before they wear their make-up. Don’t screw him up, Vince.

Paige/Del Rio Fiasco   Woman-to-woman here, Paige. Girl, he ain’t worth it. Run.

Will Ospreay   This was my first year watching G1 so I might not fully comprehend the event and how one qualifies, but I was disappointed that Ospreay wasn’t there at all. I would think they would want their new gaijin to be seen.

Kenny Omega   Speaking of G1, how about that Kenny Omega? I feel like he’s getting set up for a swan song then on to WWE after Wrestle Kingdom.

NXT   Kind of a snooze fest lately. I think we’re supposed to be really pumped over Bobby Roode but I’m not—yet. How great would it have been though if they could have kept James Storm around for some matches with or against Roode? They could have even reformed Beer Money, but of course they couldn’t be called Beer Money anymore. How about just Money? Transition sucks and I don’t cope well with change. Ah well, I’ll get over it.

Damien Sandow   Good for him for getting back on TV even if it is with TNA. I’m still scratching my head that with the brand split WWE couldn’t find something for him to do. I hope he kicks ass at TNA.

Seth Rollins   How many times is he going to get rushed by a “fan”? Thankfully he’s bright enough to roll with it and have fun. No one who isn’t supposed to be in the ring should be able to get in it so easily. Tighten up that security before something really bad happens.

Total Divas   It occurred to me that I totally forgot to keep watching the most recent season of Total Divas after watching it religiously since season 1. What did I miss? Anyone? Did John propose to Nikki? Did Dolph run away with her? Did Brie join a commune?

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