Survivor Series 2016: ‘Member Goldberg

It’s nice to know wrestling can still surprise you.

Goldberg beat Brock Lesnar last night in spectacular fashion. Well, “spectacular” might not be the best word…Brock got defeated in Goldberg fashion, meaning spear, spear, jackhammer, done. That sequence wasn’t a surprise but the 1-2-3 to beat The Beast was, at least to me.

I have fond memories of Goldberg’s domination during The Wars but in 2016, Goldberg is less of a draw for me. Maybe it’s because I’ve seen too many of my favorite legends return and ruin an otherwise fantastic memories. That being the case in my head, I had no expectation of Goldberg beating Brock. I was surprised and delighted.

It’s too easy to get cynical about wrestling these days. Everyone is a critic, a fan, a booker…and when things don’t pan out as you would expect, you should be happy and overjoyed – not angry. Given we have more insight into wrestling these days than ever before, anything surprising should be considered a gift.

I don’t know if this is a good thing for Goldberg…or Brock…or whoever going forward, but that moment was a good thing.

However, I do feel that one good moment overshadowed what was a really good PPV. We’re all talking about a 1-minute moment of shock and awe but seemingly overlooking one hell of a classic Survivor Series match that included 10 of the best WWE has to offer these days.

Recently PPVs have been somewhat lacking of late but this November delivered up some good stuff. Not all of it was great but the matches that were setup as relevant, did just that. There were little surprises in every match. Sasha going out early. Baron Corbin showing up. Shield reunion. Shane McMahon knocking himself out…I mean, c’mon…wrestling was fun again, hopefully it’ll be for more than just one night.

'Member Goldberg?
‘Member Goldberg?
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