How to cancel your NJPW World subscription

Cancelling your NJPW World subscription is easy, once you find the page.

But that page isn’t on your account page where you might expect. After reading through some Reddit posts, followed one person’s suggestion of using the FAQ section of the NJPW site. Bingo! They provide you with a direct link to the cancel subscription page.

  1. Log in to your NJPW account
  2. Go to the confirm cancellation page
  3. Click the button on the right, looks like this
  4. Done.

That’s all there is to it, which is nice. However…be warned that cancelling your NJPW subscription basically just deletes your account, so your access will be terminated immediately. Probably best to wait until the end of the month to cancel so you can get the most out of what you already paid for.

So why did we cancel NJPW World if it’s so awesome?

We subscribed for Wrestle Kingdom 10 and fell in love with NJPW so we kept it for a whole year, seeing what they had to offer on a monthly basis – no to mention the deep archive of shows too. We spent a lot of time going back through older shows to see the evolution of the Bullet Club, the rise of Nakamura and Tanahashi’s glorious mane. Not unlike when we got the WWE Network…we spent a couple months soaking up classic matches while keeping up with current, monthly PPVs.

kenny omega wins g1 main

But, like other archives, you can blow through it pretty quick when you binge. After that it’s just the monthly PPVs as NJPW doesn’t really have any sort of weekly or other original programming. So once late summer rolled around, we were basically paying $10/month to watch a PPV and while NJPW has great talent, their PPV shows vary in quality just like any other promotion.

We trudged through the month-long G1 Climax in August and then was close enough to Wrestle Kingdom 11 that we just kept through January. But now that WK11 is over and done, we decided to cancel our monthly subscription and just pick things a few times a year so we can binge and get caught up to whatever the next major PPV is.

If nothing else, we’ll subscribe every December/January to catch the Wrestle Kingdom show. Two months is plenty of time to watch a year’s worth of back matches before the big show. Since NJPW is somewhat light in the non-wrestling drama (unlike WWE), it’s easier to jump in and just enough the wrestling. It’s what makes NJPW so great in the first place.

NJPW World is a fine service and NJPW wrestling is certainly top quality. But when you’re paying for the WWE Network that you enjoy weekly, along with other wrestling streaming shows (like Progress) we had to pick and choose. We couldn’t blindly pay $30-50 per month for wrestling…we just don’t have the time to get our money’s worth.

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