Royal Rumble hopes and dreams

It’s time once again to start heading down the road…

The Royal Rumble is Sunday so here are some quick thoughts, ideas and desires heading into the show and out of it on the way to Wrestlemania.


Royal Rumble match

Is it just me, or does it feel like they’ve announced more entrants this year than in past years? Personally, I like the surprise The Rumble can offer so I’d much rather have seen a handful of entrants promoted than half the field. That being said…

I don’t think the Kenny Omega will be coming…at least not yet. I have my doubts that he’ll ever join Vince’s Circus but if he does, I think Mania is a better place to do so. Biggest show of the year and here comes Kenny Omega running in to beat someone up.

Lesnar will eliminate Goldberg, thus setting up their rubber match at Wrestlemania. That’s not to say Goldberg and Lesnar won’t have shinanigans with others during the match, but that’ll be the pay off.

I think Tyler Bate makes his WWE debut as a “surprise” entrant. He’s the UK Champ so they’ll want to promote that and hype up whatever they have up their sleeve for the Network. Plus he seems like a good kid that has some classic charisma about him. He won’t last long but he’ll get a good rub.

The Rumble is loaded with big men this year. Big E, Strowman, Big Show, Taker, Lesnar, Baron Corbin, Big Cass…it’s feeling like 1989 all over again, and I’m pretty okay with that. It should make for some big wrecks. I don’t know what they have planned for Undertaker but I don’t see him winning, I just don’t.

In fact, I don’t know who’s gonna win and that’s great! My money might have to go on Braun Strowman though. He’s done really well as a wrecking machine and people seem to like watching him beat people up. Thing is, I don’t see him in the main event at Wrestlemania…so I dunno.

Samoa Joe is certainly going to enter and there’s a lot places he could go. Have him start a program with any of the entrants and it would be good. Wyatt, Baron, Rusev…I mean, really anyone that isn’t Dean Ambrose and I’d be okay with it.

Shinske Nakamura is on the bubble. I’d like to seem him out of NXT so they can have a proper champ, so I think he loses to Bobby Roode on Saturday and then shows up on Sunday. He’s not getting any older and he hasn’t done much to make the NXT brand look better than it did with Finn or Joe. Bobby Roode needs to be champ to help bring NXT back to where it was.

Kurt Angle? Hmmm…logic says yes but I say no. He very much deserves the Hall of Fame but I don’t think he should get in the ring again. Let his career be what we last remember. It’s true, it’s damn true.

AJ Styles vs John Cena

I’m torn with this one because I don’t think Cena will win his historic 16th title at the Rumble, I think they’ll save that for Mania. But, at the same time, I’d like Styles to lose so he could jump over to Raw and stir things up over there. Maybe, just maybe, Cena can with 16 to tie Flair and then break it at Mania…that would be a more historic moment anyway. Either way, this could easily be the match of the night…I don’t think it’s possible for AJ to put on a bad match.

Bayley vs Charolette

This match has been poorly built. After all the effort they put into Charolette and Sasha Banks, this just feels like an afterthought so they can get their money’s worth out of Bayley before they drop her back into women’s midcard. Unless…unless…they do the wash/rinse/repeat program with these two and they trade the belt back and fourth. To me, that would feel like deja vu but it wouldn’t surprise me. Bayley still needs some work but she can sell some shirts, so who knows. Ultimately, I don’t know it matters. All I want is to see Nia Jax roll in and stomp holes anyway.

Cruiserweight, Swann vs Neville

Evil Neville is the best thing to happen to him and I love it. It gives him some honest character that was severely lacking before. He’s got the look, the talent and now the gimmick, so yeah, give him the belt please.

Kevin Owens vs Roman Reigns

Now this one is interesting. I think it will be a good match but as to who wins, that’s the big question. I’d love to see Owens vs Balor so Finn can get his belt back. We know those two can deliver. Yet, we also know that Reigns is The Guy so giving him the belt so he can be in the main event at Mania makes some sense too. However, I feel that Owens will lose thanks to Jericho and then that can be the catalyst to finally end their partnership. As funny as it has been – and as great as Jericho has been – I want to see the “old” Kevin Owens back. The prizefighter than just talks shit and beats people up with all the heel trimmings. So if Owens has to lose, at least give us that.

Tag Team Belts

Umm…give it to the Bullet Club. Done. Whatever.

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