Baron Corbin is the next Kane

I saw a lot of potential in Baron Corbin when he was in NXT but I could never explain it, until now.

I figured out the best analogy is that Baron Corbin will be the next Kane. 

Kane was a big, monster guy that had a very long career and served whatever role they needed when it came to story lines. He was champ in various ways during his time but none of them were really that memorable. He’ll always be remembered as the Undertaker’s brother and otherwise just a big dude that can beat people up.

Baron is the same thing. He doesn’t have as good as a gimmick as Kane did, with the mask and all that, but otherwise he has the same skills (and they’ll only get better). Baron is a big dude, he’s a bruiser, he’s got the goon look down pat. He’s serviceable in the ring and will only improve, and while his mic skills are the weakest…but hey, Kane barely talked for entire first half of his career. These guys don’t need to talk, just pound.

I think Baron will certainly be a champion of some sort, even world champ, eventually. He probably won’t hold the belt long but that’s not his purpose. He’s got transitional champ written all over him.

  • Need a heel to get the belt from one guy to another? Baron’s your man.
  • Need someone that can lose but still look imposing on the next show? Mr. Corbin
  • Need a quick tag partner to provide some muscle? He’ll do that too.

Kane was never a favorite wrestler of mine but I can respect his longevity and the fact that he kept the mask relevant for a non-lucha wrestler. I’m more down with Corbin more than I probably ever was with Kane. I seriously doubt Corbin will last as long as Kane did but I’ll be more interested in his matches than I was with Kane. Kane was never a draw for me, Baron can be.

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