How to watch NJPW World on your phone

It’s not as obvious as it should be, but it’s not very complicated either.

For all the greatness that lies behind the gated walls of NJPW World, they don’t make it very obvious how to do everything…of course, that’s me, Mr. White American trying to figure it out.

You can watch NJPW through your browser, so that’s always an option, but if you’d rather have something a little more “native”, you can watch the streams on your phone or tablet, and you can even Chromecast it to your television. All you need is the NJPW World app.

How to stream on your phone or tablet

Disclaimer: I only have an iPhone/iPad so I don’t have specific instructions for Android, but it’s probably pretty similar.

  1. Search for “NJPW World” in the App Store, install it. It should be the first result and listed with an Japanese title. It should shown being published by “TV Asahi Corporation”. The screen shot is of a match and it looks like a very basic video player (and it is).

    This is the one you want
    This is the one you want
  2. Visit the NJPW World web site on your device. Just through your normal web browser. Log in and find the match you want to watch.
  3. Click the “Chromecast” icon. It will ask you to open the NJPW app. Use this even if you don’t have a Chromecast device.

    Click the Chromecast option
    Click the Chromecast option
  4. Select “Open” in the dialog. The phone should then switch to the NJPW app and start playing. From that app you can stream to your Chromecast device if you have one.

    Choose to Open the NJPW app
    Choose to Open the NJPW app


The NJPW App is not like Netflix or any other streaming app you probably use. You don’t find matches or see anything through the app itself. The app is just a video player. You have to do all your match browsing through the NJPW web site and then load through the app. And you’re right…that’s weird and not normal.

Again, it’s not very obvious and not the most accessible way to watch a streaming service but it works well once you get things going. I’ve never had any trouble with the app in terms of crashing or anything else. I watch it regularly on my iPad and often stream to my Chromecast through my iPhone.

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