Titus O’Neil is bringing back the stable

Titus O’Neil is doing something that is long overdue.

Titus was never a draw for me as a wrestler but as a “manager”, or whatever you want to call him, he’s great. I just love the thought that the idea of a stable is making a comeback.

We’ve had “factions” before with The Nexus and Wyatts…but I don’t think there’s been a proper stable since the days of Bobby the Brain. A group of wrestlers that aren’t necessarily related (by name or story) they’re just represented/managed by the same person (and that person not being an active wrestler). And if you don’t remember The Heenan Family, just think of it as if Paul Heyman was the “advocate” for more than just Lesnar.

Just a few members of The Heenan Family
Just a few members of The Heenan Family

Titus can build his stable with wrestlers from every class and division. He’s got a cruiserweight and a heavyweight…give him a woman and then work your way across the card. Give him lower card, mid-card and upper card. That’s Titus’ story…the quest to get higher profile wrestlers. So the wrestlers themselves get a story about being courted by Titus and joining, and Titus gets the story of being a “businessman” running a stable.

It’s open-ended with built-in ins and outs by each character. People can come and go as they need.

I think there’s lots of potential and I hope the WWE folks can see it too. Make it happen.

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