About Him and Her


He’s a life long wrestling fan and husband to Her. He fondly remembers Saturday mornings watching wrestling with his dad, who always explained why WCW/NWA was better than WWF. For 30+ years he’s been watching and loving…from Andre to Balor.

Follow him on Twitter via @morningtoast – but don’t expect much.

..and he’s the one that makes the 1005 Holds Wrestling Magnetic Poetry. By hand. For you. Buy one.


She’s wife to Him. She watched wrestling as a kid with her dad and recalls her bestfriend in the 4th grade lusting after Sting. Once the teen years rolled in, she stopped watching wrestling until Him dragged her back in during her early 20s. Needless today, she became much cooler in the eyes of the kids teaches. She likes the indies and can be found secretly watching Progress Wrestling when Him isn’t paying attention.